The UCL 2022 matchday 6 is about to begin and some teams have qualified already for the Round of 16.

some teams which could win the UCL 2022 are listed as follows with their % chances of winning

  1. Bayern Munich: Bayern Munich have been outstanding through out the UCL group state and have won their group with a landslide victory without any loss and have a 20% chance of winning
  2. Manchester City: Manchester City have also been outstanding in their group regardless of PSG also in the group and have qualified for the round of 16 and have an 18% chance of winning the UCL 2022
  3. Liverpool: Liverpool has equally won their group without a loss even after drawn with inter milan and Athletico Madrid in the same group. Liverpool’s outstanding performances this season has been due to their organization from the defense to the attack and have a 15% chance of winning the UCL 2022
  4. Ajax: Surprisingly, Ajax has been outstanding in their group with also a flawless victory and have good co-ordination with the defense and it has resulted to them to having the highest goal scorer in the UCL group stage Haller with 9 UCL goals and they have 11% chance of winning the UCL 2022
  5. Chelsea: The defending champions have also been outstanding in their performances in their group and they have a 10% chance of winning the 2022 UCL
  6. Paris Saint Germain: PSG has been known as a team with various stars and they aren’t utilizing the stars to their full potential and are trailing when it comes to defending and striking but have a 9% chance of winning the UCL 2022
  7. Real Madrid: Real Madrid have comported their team and they’ve been outstanding in their attack with vinicius jnr recent outstanding performances and also karim Benzema. Madrid has a 5% chance of winning the UCL 2022
  8. Manchester United: Man United are becoming more of a strong team and have been able to get their result of coming out of the group stage. they have a 5% chance of winning
  9. Juventus: Juventus hasn’t really been getting what they want as a result both in the UCL and in Serie A but have qualified of the group stage and have a 4% chance of winning the 2022 UCL.
  10. Lille: This migh be a very odd decision of including LILLE into the top 10 favourites but its because of their fighting power and determination, Their group can also be considered as a group of death whereby all the teams in the group aren’t giving up on qualifying into the round of 16. Lille has a 3% chance of winning the 2022 UCL.

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